Newest life-saving technology


Marianna Clarizio, Radiation Therapist

A centerpiece of the renovation is a new Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator, one of the most advanced radiation therapy systems yet developed for safe, effective treatment of cancers. Adventist Health Glendale is the only medical center in our service area to invest in this life-saving technology.

The space containing the Varian TrueBeam is redesigned to provide greater comfort for patients undergoing treatment.

Cancer has no bounds. It touches all of us, whether it’s ourselves, loved ones, friends, neighbors or business colleagues. Adventist Heath Glendale’s investment in this state-of-the-art technology means renewed hope for our patients, a chance to extend life to its fullest.


More precision, less treatment time

The Varian TrueBeam technology destroys cancer cells with more precision and greater accuracy — and in most cases in less time with fewer treatments. It also provides additional types of radiation treatment not currently available at AHGL and other local hospitals.

Patients may experience the following benefits:

  • Minimized side effects
  • Reduced number of treatment sessions
  • Reduced time on the treatment couch
  • More precisely targeted treatment of tumors
  • Minimized radiation exposure to healthy tissues
  • The most advanced treatment for cancers of the head and neck, lung, breast, abdomen and liver

Saving lives, close to home

To a cancer patient, traveling out of the area for treatment can be tiring and debilitating. The “new” Cancer Services Center is conveniently located on the AHGL campus, right in your neighborhood.

National recognition for Cancer Services

AHGL’s Comprehensive Cancer Services program is recognized by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer with the highly competitive Outstanding Achievement Award. It is one of few community cancer programs in L.A. County to receive this honor.


“Anyone undergoing radiation knows that reducing actual treatment time will be a blessing. This is one of the significant benefits to patients of this advanced radiation therapy equipment.”

— Sara H. Kim, MD, Medical Director, Radiation
Oncology program


“Technology is advancing every day, and we need the best to continue advancing our mission. This new linear accelerator is an absolute must for Adventist Health Glendale to provide the most advanced care for our patients.”

— Boris Bagdasarian, DO, Hematology/Oncology specialist

Updated interior design comfortable for patients

Adventist Health Glendale strives to make our facilities as comfortable as possible for cancer patients, families and caregivers, while also delivering the latest and most effective treatment programs available.

The Center’s interior is being redesigned to enhance the patient experience — everything from providing a more relaxing lobby/waiting area and private dressing areas to a more comfortable environment while undergoing radiation treatment or infusion therapy.

During the renovation, patients will continue to receive a full range of services by Adventist Health Glendale physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff.

North Entrance

A new north-facing entrance with convenient, free parking.


Current infusion reception area will be changed into a more comfortable patient lobby.

dressing area

Current small dressing areas will make way for more private and spacious changing rooms.


Existing lobby will become private, spacious dressing rooms.

infusion area

Existing infusion area for chemotherapy and other treatments will be reconfigured for patient comfort and privacy.